Hand-Built Wheels

Limited lifetime warranty with every custom wheelset

Your Dream Wheels

Hand-built to order, matched perfectly to you and your bike.

Custom beats off-the-shelf, every time.

Wheels that are stronger, faster, more dependable. Wheels that are matched carefully to your bike. Wheels that are less prone to spoke breakages.

Wheels built by hand, for you.

Recent Builds

Latest wheels on the blog.

The Process

Three steps to your custom wheels.

1. Your Needs

We'll begin by discussing your individual needs and wants from a custom wheelset.

All bases will be covered, including riding style, intended use, budget and colour scheme.

2. The Components

Hubs, rims and spokes will be selected to perfectly match these needs. Spoke count, lacing pattern and component weight will all be tailored to suit.

Axle, freehub and brake compatibility for your bike will also be taken into account here.

3. The Build

Using professional jigs and over twenty years of experience, your wheels will be laced, tensioned and stress-relieved with care and precision.

All by hand.

Ready? Let’s Roll . . .

I'll build the wheels, the KOMs are up to you 😉